Young Arts (Archive)


Pupils from Georgian Gardens School attended an Aboriginal Painting Workshop run by Deidre Carolin and Ester on Aboriginal Dot Painting.

The pupils were given ideas from various picture books and other stimulus material. The youngsters produced some wonderful pictures:


This well organised Workshop was run by Deirdre Carolin at Georgian Garden School.

1.  The children and parents arrive at the school where they are introduced to Willa;

2. The first task was to go to the woodland area in the school grounds to find subjects to paint;

3. The selected subjects or paper patterns were then drawn onto cork. Other information could be taken from magazines etc;

4. Parents joined in, generating a hive of activity;

5. The finished articles were then varnished and displayed in the Woodland Shed for all to see and admire;


Children from the following local schools have produced these delightful pictures to celebrate the 170th Birthday of Angmering Station which was celebrated on the 4th June 2016;

  • Georgian Gardens
  • Rustington C.P.
  • Summerlea C.P.


This workshop at Georgian Gardens school was lead by Karen who teaches how to handle felt from the skein etc.
She was telling and showing the children and their parents the various stages of felting.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon, everyone concentrated hard on what they were designing and making.

It has about four different stages to get the decided effect of finished article.


Pupils from Georgian Gardens C.P. School visited Rustington Museum to take part in the latest, record breaking, ‘Takeover Day’.
All across England, on the same day, over 150 museums, galleries, castles, historic homes and heritage sites were ‘taken over’ by more than 4,000 children!

For many of the young people it was their first taste of what it’s like inside a museum (particularly behind the scenes) and it is hoped it will lead to long term involvement. Certainly, the children involved were all keen to bring their friends and families to see the exhibits and to tell them what they had discovered about the running of a museum in their role as curators.

Rustington Museum is a family friendly place having links with local schools and it also organises seasonal events and quizzes. The event was organised by Riitta from the local N.A.D.F.A.S group who works, in partnership with the school, on many arts events. On this occasion Sheila (a volunteer at the museum) started the children’s visit with a tour of the museum, including the curator’s office and storeroom. One of the children commented….”I couldn’t believe how much was in there…..I thought everything was on show in the museum!”
They found out how exhibits not on show are stored, catalogued and cared for.

They then discovered how to put together a new exhibition. The items chosen were dolls made by the Fleischmanns (a local Rustington family) in the 1940’s and the children had to identify them by looking at the individual details and matching them to the photographs in the catalogue. “We found out that you have to be like a detective to work out all the information about the items and it’s tricky, but good” was the opinion of the children. They all agreed that it was a fantastic experience and that they are keen to visit other museums and also that they now will be frequent visitors to Rustington Museum!
Many Thanks to Deidre Carolin, the School’s Art Teacher for providing the description of the trip.