Church Recording

The Church Recording Group are a group of Arun members who have already finished the first record of St Mary Magdalene Church, Lyminster.
We meet once a month at the church being recorded and make a detailed survey and description of the church contents, which is then written up in a prescribed format,

We are restarting recording at St Nicholas, Arundel on Monday 20th September at 10 am.
We welcome new members to the group. Any member of TAS Arun, who is interested, should contact Gillian Baxter: email


After 2 years of investigating what Church Recording entailed, the Committee decided to proceed with the process. After a lively talk by the Area Church Recording representative the membership signed up in large numbers.

After much time and research we were able to find a church which was both interesting and willing for us to do a record.  The beautiful and historic Parish Church of St Mary Magdalene in Lyminster is the church which we are going to record.

After further research aided by the Turners Hill DFAS Church Recording Group we started at the Church on March 9th 2016, the members all working with great enthusiasm and quiet concentration on their various tasks.